3 Wedding Lighting Must-Haves

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Transform your venue into your dream location with elegant wedding decorations. We’ve pulled together our favorite tips and tricks to help you get the lighting just right for your big day no matter your style, budget or location!

Wedding candles styled as part of table centerpiece

Wedding Candles

Candles are a great addition to your wedding as they effortlessly create a relaxed atmosphere. Our TruGlow® flameless candles are made from real wax and mimic a just-lit flickering flame, making them the most realistic candles you can get! They also use super safe LEDs which remain cool to the touch. You can line them along the aisle or at the altar, the soft warm lighting is both flattering and very romantic. They can also be used to welcome your guests at the reception after too! We love the look of placing the larger chapel candles alongside other sized candles and surrounding them with flowers & foliage for a fairytale centerpiece. To add elegance to your display, you can opt for taper candles and style them as part of your dining decor for the ultimate wedding look.

Wedding table with assortment of TruGlow candles and garland styled as part of centerpiece
TruGlow ivory flameless candle trio styled on table

Fairy Lights

To fill your space with extra sparkle, fairy lights are our go-to for your wedding lighting!

The evenly spread out LEDs make the best unified look. String lights are ideal for covering the ceiling, generally, the more layers you drape back and forth the more impressive the overall impact. Another styling tip is to wrap a string of fairy lights around fixed building structures, such as beams and pillars, to help dress them up and incorporate them into your decor. The same can be used for the car park, using a few lights overhead to lead the way to the venue for an instant touch and a warm welcome! If your venue is outside, string lights are ideal for displaying along fences or walls outdoors to add a little mood lighting as the night draws in. Alternatively you can create a canopy above your guests for a starry effect!

Fairy lights draped along fence outside
Barn wedding setting with fairy lights hung from ceiling and curtain light displayed by the alter
Fairy lights hung above outdoor dining setting

Wedding Lanterns

For a grand entrance, display a few candle lanterns around your venue to create a warm welcome.

Placing them down the aisle is both pretty and functional as it helps define your path to the altar. It’s easy to produce too as you can use the rows of seats as your guide. Simply position a lantern to finish off each row of chairs. Depending on the size of the lantern you may opt to position a small group of lanterns together. Lanterns can also be an extra ambient light source. Sit a few flameless candles inside the lantern for an ambient glow. One of our favorite ways to display lanterns at the guests tables for the reception. It can be kept simple too! Tie it into the room by making a reference to your color scheme either by adding flowers or a bow of ribbon to decorate around the lanterns base or handle. This complements the soft lighting inside and creates the perfect finishing touch.

Trentham Battery Lantern styled with smaller ivory candles and spring foliage
Porto lantern duo sat in window